We provide wide range of ESD Products & Equipment antistatic products and electrostatic sensitive device products such as ESD Corrugated Bins, ESD gloves (personal protective ESD gloves, ESD hand gloves, ESD dotted gloves), ESD Magnifying Lamps, IPA Dispenser, ESD Footwear Tester, ESD Wrist Strap, Non Conductive Adjustable PCB Carrier, ESD Grounding Strap, ESD Workstation Monitor, Component Organiser, ESD Safe Brush, ESD Static Neutralizer, Liquid Flux, ESD Surface Resistivity Meter, ESD Caps, ESD Testers, Anti Static Poly Bag, ESD Static Meter, ESD Cordless Wrist Strap and ESD Safe Product

In Asian provider we care of small value products that represent daily consume in your organization, those ones at the end represent a important value at the end of the month in your purchasing accounts. Asian provider provide a solution saving cost in your company, keeping great services, and always with our common flexibility in delivery and logistic for those commodities.

 As every single small cost count in a business, we support our customers with basic consumable parts like, electronics ESD parts, laveling, packing, tapes, globes and others.
From simple consumable to special ones with high end requeriments. If you want to reduce what still can be reduced pls contact us, we will find the way to do it.