Security system camera used outside and inside, square, street, passageway, market,etc.

Our customers have consistently evaluated our cctv system. Philosophy and development has been driven by our goal for versatile usage and installation easy.

Traffic sign board, aluminium reflective road sign. Material can be tin or aluminum
Customer's designs or logos can be printed or embossed

More than 30 years service life without crack and colour fading, comparing to 5 years of cast iron.

Request quotation we can customize with your brand name.

Supply of system components for buildings and industrial use: Fire Alarms, Fire Suppression, Fire Protection, Fire Sprinklers, fire pump system, fire standpipe and hoses, domestic water system, portable extinguishing

The best fire suppression systems tailor-fitted to you need using the expertise of our experienced engineers and technicians.

Our Construction division was created to supply some of the most important extra equipment’s you will be need in new constructions or renewals, our product list is according with some international regulation related of safety and reliability and all this always together with excellent price and post service.

The main objective of our product division is offer a list of products will be use and make simple ordering service for all our customers in the same strategic supplier.