Foundry molten metal poured from ladle into mould lost wax casting

Casting | Die-casting, Ductile iron, Semi-solid die-casting, gravity casting

Maximum competition in cost and always maximum quality, save 25-50% of you casting parts.

Are you targeting winning projects in die casting or gravity casting or ductile iron ?
We provide perfect products + machining is needed, we do it in LT shorter as 15 days to 30 to finish alum pattern base in low cost to be sure you win projects.

We drive one of the best casting factories were commitment is daily policy, if you give the chance we will provide to you success in cost and material management.
We use international standards and all this together with incredible price as in Asian provider we look for long term relation and our factories can cover all your professional needs.
Some of our production technology.

Some of our production technology

  • Die Casting
  • Ductile iron
  • Sun Casting
  • Lost wax castings for carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
  •  Gravity casting. Alum