First progressive tool intoduced in the philippines in 2011

On 2011 we started developing Philippines market introducing from our tool factory high realibility progresive toolings for japanese customers. Today after 3 years and with 24H continuos working, our products still providing excelen performance and customer satisfaction.

Product was desing for optical computer reader. Metal part.

Following the market trend of new materials technology like SMC to replace Iron casting parts for city use, we develop the capability to produce with high precision and good performance process, Hot oil tooling system can process those special materials, providing one technical advantage to our customers, doing products very specials and providing solutions for each product market request.

Good product performance, good quality and as always in our policy, very competitive prices to help our customers move forward new business directions. We help you in tooling, we help you on process, and we help you to move your business anytime. More information just let us know, our Technical team will support immediately.

When high speed and perfect product ended is your requirement, we are best solution on progressive toolings.

With more than 800 spm and double cavity tools we achieve even the smaller tolerances you need. All of this with high tool life, base on your production requirements. We will design our products with higher materials to warranty non stop production during our life product agreement. All this in a very competitive price due our volume and knowhow about best design practice. You need tooling running 24/7? Then call us, we will care of that.

Base on customer design or with our design help if you need it, we are able to produce single metal stamp tooling any dimension, material or thickness requested. For small volumes in a very low cost but high performance we are specialist to make it real for you in a average of 30 days production, including samples and mechanical dimension reports. You need it? Just call us we will solve your product cost or product development.

With manufacturing facilities in China and the Philippines, we provide all products range for markets as automotive, communications, construction, Lighting, atm systems, consumers and others. No dimension range or tonnage capacity is a problem for us, since our facilities are ready for any product design. Our only mission, care of each simple product to make it successful, just visit us if you wish, we will show our capabilities.

Our compromise, warranty the right development, for each customer product life.

Producing Tooling or moulds is a connection between materials, tolerances and most important reliability, our team check and study each single new customer project to warranty the long-lasting of our designs and assure product excellent from the beginning to the end life. We commit Quality base on very competitive prices, helping move forward our customers business needs. More than 3000 tools support our warranty and image for last years.