Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) & Manufacturing

Manual assembly, surface mountain, soldering wave

With more than 15 years on assembly experience and mixing the knowledge of components supply chain in Asia and rest of the world, we can confirm and warranty to our customers, the understanding of process design, process of manufacturing, process of testing to final complete turnkey product.

Manual assembly, surface mountain or soldering wave are covered by our factory, producing and delivering always products under your specifications and base in standard as IPC 610 or other customer request.

Automotive, consumer electronics, medical, aerospace, communication and others are our strength, all this made in Asia to the world with High class and most competitive price product request.

Product capability

Smd 01005, BGA, soldering wave, manual assembly, finish product. Turnkey products.


Lead Free, Conforming coating, UV varnish.


Original Brands, suggested electromechanical and passives.

LT samples

Samples: 1 weeks ( with materials ) Production: 10-15 days ( with materials )

Test ICT

for mass production, Functional Test 100%, Burning if is requested.


With Material 2 weeks average.