Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturer and Service

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturer and Service

Single side, double side or muly layer 

Base on 3 high end manufacture located in Europe and Asia, we cover the all range of PCB any customer need to involve in his electronic business. With just in time delvery base on planning we can provide from samples.

1. Single side or double side Layer non PTH, from XPC, Fr1, Fr2, Cem1, Cem3,Fr4 with carbon, silver or copper cross over connections in any thickness customer request. UL approval and having Yellow card as customer request. Those technologies used in low cost application with high performance needed, market from Automotive, Audio system, telecommunication, white line or brown line products. Also e can add special resistive carbon to be adjusted.

2. Single side or Double side Aluminum pcbs, any thickness and always focus to cool down products, used in any market a side Illumination (LED light) those products can be use in motor control for automotive, in high performance communication system or even in Aerospace products.

3. Double side PTH pcbs, in Cem3 or Fr4 material, any brand, thickness, or specified CTI, we produce for any market in a very fast turnover.


1-42 layer rigid printed circuit board Surface, flexi-rigid, High impedance, Aluminium



Lead Free, Enig, OSP, Gold plating, Gold finger, Silver, inm Tin, HASL


Fr1 Cem-1 Cem3 Fr4 Fr4 High TG, Rogers, Aluminium, Kapton.

LT samples

8 days average Production: 10-15 days


Fly test equipment for samples ICT for mass production.


Urgent 4 H ours, standard 12 Hours