Progressive Tool and Die metal stamping manufacturer, rapid tooling

First progressive tool intoduced in the philippines in 2011

On 2011 we started developing Philippines market introducing from our tool factory high realibility progresive toolings for japanese customers. Today after 3 years and with 24H continuos working, our products still providing excelen performance and customer satisfaction.

Product was desing for optical computer reader. Metal part.

Buy production equipments high precision, low cost, competitive prices

On the way to support our customer needs, we provide high end equipments with lower cost and giving the oportunity to reduce the ROI and b able to get more projects base on competitivity. We supply equipments in all range, like laser cutting, press machine, CNC lathe, EDM, spot welding, die casting injection or others ready to provide good performace with minimal cost.

We have competitive prices

If you need excelent quality with good prices in equipments call us. 

Electronics manufactoring services supplier - PCB - PCB Assembly

In Asian provider we been delivering  all type of pcba products, for markets like comunications, industrial, automotive and others, all supporting customer costing targets and always with the right quality standar every market need.
We are producing small volumens, medium and high productions needs.

Consumable products

 As every single small cost count in a business, we support our customers with basic consumable parts like, electronics ESD parts, laveling, packing, tapes, globes and others.
From simple consumable to special ones with high end requeriments. If you want to reduce what still can be reduced pls contact us, we will find the way to do it.