Metal Parts | Stamping - Pressing, Fine blanking, bending, CNC

Hight quality, low cost products with fast delivery time.

The company, considered one of the Premier industrial source for Metal Stampings manufacturers and distributors.

Asian Provider is a Technical company with more than 15 years experience in Auditing and control all products we import and export around the world for all our clients.

Raw Materials | Dealers Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper pipes, sheets, black iron and others.

Leaders in cost for raw materials, providing competitiveness to our customers.

Rely on AsianProvider for a wide range of stainless steel types, forms and sizes, as your stainless steel material supplier, Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal, Aluminium Pipes, Brass Pipes, Copper Pipes, Non Ferrous Metal Pipes

Machining | CNC, turning, Shaping, Planning, Drilling, Tapping, Broaching, Sawing, Milling, Grinding

High precision machining at low cost and fast turnover

Using most modern equipment’s that provide reliability, quantity and high speed, in Asian provider machining solutions, we help you to get the cost and time schedule to be sure you will delivery on time with right cost and right quality.

Casting | Die-casting, Ductile iron, Semi-solid die-casting, gravity casting

Maximum competition in cost and always maximum quality, save 25-50% of you casting parts.

Are you targeting winning projects in die casting or gravity casting or ductile iron ?
We provide perfect products + machining is needed, we do it in LT shorter as 15 days to 30 to finish alum pattern base in low cost to be sure you win projects.

Finishing | Coating Surface finish, Powder coating, Metal Plating, Metal Coating, Metal Anodizing, Galvanizing

 Providing all range of product finish.

Aside be capable to delivery metal finish parts including machining, we can accomplish the whole product providing any surface solution requested.
From power or liquid coating, any platted surface, we will be able to do it following your specifications and bring a total solution in cost and logistic producing your whole product in one order.