Why choose asian provider?

Simple answer to all our customers. Main first strength is our fast and professional response, most of our competitors will take days to answer simple quotations , we understand time is gold in business, non response means business lost. All our team in each country will support fast response as first priority. Try and get your own opinion.

Do i need buy big volume or long term?

The answer is NO, we are flexible to each customer need, we use our company business volume to be able to support also small request, if something we cannot do, we will let you know, small medium and big orders are really welcome!

Why your prices are very competitive?

Basically 2 main reasons: A) We carry big volume of products for all our customers, that’s means if orders are big or small we use same parameters to provide competitive edge to everyone and be flexible to accommodate each customer request. B) We been for more than 15 years developing the right supply chain to provide excellence in quality and also in Prices for all our customers.

Can you import our buying products to our factory?

The answer is YES, we can support any conditions you look for from EXW factory to DDP dor to door and taking care of all transport process and logistics for you. Let’s us help you to do simple transactions for you. Your needs our commitment.

Do you have post service support?

The answer is YES, during this last year’s our factories and eng team been supporting any help request demand from our customers, we are not just selling products we are supporting all the transactions during life time of products.

The quality of the products is always good?

Non Quality non future!, we been concern always about Quality or reliability is our Policy to keep our business alive and moving, market change and we accommodate our customer spec to any regulation or request deepening of the product. Automotive, Industrial, general electronics are regulated base on ISOTS 16949 standards, ISO 9000 or others like CE , VDE JIS or UL. Each single product for us is completely special; we will look to work from fist stage in quality.

Can we visit the factories produce our products?

Always welcome to our factories, we like to show were your products will be produce, non-secrets in our organization, we like to be very transparent and show our capabilities and win your confidence. Today in the market nothing must be hiding, working together we always will achieve success.

How much we can save buying to Asianprovider?

Based on our experience and customer feedback, our products lines can offer prices differences from 50% price down to one general average of 20%. If you consider materials in your product is actually as average 70% or more of your sales price, reduce 20% in new components can provide you a very interesting margin or better competitive advantage . In actual market margins are not anymore in sales price are in purchasing prices then find a cost down help always to keep your organization healthy and capable for any market difficulty.


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Special customized connector

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